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The TrulyDogFriendly Yahoo! Group welcomes trainers, behavior consultants, veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and those who are studying for such work, who share our view on pain-free training and handling of dogs, to join our discussion list.

We care deeply about pet owners — that is why we do the work we do! But the TDF list happens to be only for those who work with dogs. We recommend that pet owners check out the Peaceable Paws Yahoo! Group and ClickerSolutions.

Our list is dedicated to discussing the profession of dog training, including the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and its position on reward-based or positive reinforcement training. It is also appropriate to discuss pain-free methods of training on the list. To subscribe, click on the link at the beginning of this paragraph, then click on the “Join This Group” button.

Promoting or defending the use of e-collars in training is not on-topic for this list. Please do not do so. Also, please do not spam, send chain letters, advertise, post about dogs in need of adoption, or post about diet (canine or human!) This list is moderated.

A respectful, flame-free tone in posting is expected. If a controversy arises, please follow these simple rules of debate when posting to TrulyDogFriendly:

  • If someone posts anything with which you disagree, address the issue, not the individual.
  • It generally makes your point more clearly if you answer the original question, not a reply with which you disagreed.
  • If you and someone else patently disagree, then agree to disagree and let it go. Arguing tiny points until someone “gives” doesn’t make either of you right, it makes everyone else feel their time has been wasted. The “last word” is pretty meaningless, online.
  • Do not be insulting about specific individuals, whether they are on this list or not.

Finally . . . .trim, trim, trim! If you are on digest, this is especially important! Get rid of everything other than what you have to say, and perhaps a short quote if you are answering someone. Don’t forget to look under your message, if you are replying from the main page — all of that needs to get trimmed. Non-trimmers can be one of the most infuriating thing about lists like this — please have mercy on your fellow list-members!

Did we mention that you should trim?

This reminder will be posted on the list periodically — don’t be
paranoid if it comes up right after your post!

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