Recommended Reading

Items on our Recommended Reading list have been reviewed and deemed suitable for inclusion. Authors or publishers who wish to have their works added to the list should email for details on how to submit a copy for review.

Here is a recommended reading list:

  1. Behavior Modification Training Guide for Reactive and Aggressive Dogs (click on “Dog Training Aggression” in upper right corner); Hebert, Beverly (PDF format)
  2. Bringing Light to Shadow: A Dog Trainer’s Diary; Dennison, Pamela S.
  3. Click Your Way to Rally Obedience; Dennison, Pamela S.
  4. (The) Complete Idiot’s Guide to Positive Dog Training; Dennison, Pamela
  5. Control Unleashed; McDevitt, Leslie
  6. Dog Aggression Workbook; O’Heare, James.
  7. Housetraining: Your Happy Healthy Pet; Morn, September
  8. How Many Dogs?!; McMullen, Debby
  9. How to Right a Dog Gone Wrong; A Roadmap For Rehabilitating Aggressive Dogs; Dennison; Pamela S.
  10. Labrador Retrievers for Dummies; Walton, Joel
  11. Living With Kids and Dogs; Pelar, Colleen - Winner of the Humane Society of the United States Compassionate Care Award
  12. Positive Perspectives: Love Your Dog, Train Your Dog; Miller, Pat
  13. Positive Puppy Training Works; Walton, Joel
  14. The Power of Positive Dog Training; Miller, Pat
  15. Separation Distress and Dogs; O’Heare, James.
  16. Training Your Labrador Retriever; Morn, September

the following booklets

Ruffly Speaking (Dog Lover’s Mysteries) by Susan Conant
When you need a break from the worries and stress of this world come escape into Holly’s where the man in her life is a vet, her best friend and upstairs neighbor is a psychotherapist, her dog training facility is only a short walk away and the rotten people who not only commit murder and mayhem, but are often mean to dogs as well, always get what they deserve.

Shaper by Jessie Haas
Fourteen-year-old Chad Holloway finds life intolerable when his beloved dog Shep is hit by a car, and his grandfather presumes to end the dog’s misery with a bullet. Then a good-natured outsider - an animal trainer who calls himself a “shaper” - wants the help of Chad and his annoying new dog, Queenie. But will Chad cooperate? Juvenile Fiction.

The Clicker Journal email:
Your Dog Tufts Univ School of Veterinary Medicine Phone: 800-829-5116
The Whole Dog Journal Note: June, 2004–Out of more than 1700 contenders, The Chicago Tribune named WDJ #11 on their list of the 50 best magazines. “WDJ endorses a distinct, positive and all-natural approach to dog care. There’s no advertising, so the monthly doesn’t mince words in its product reviews. You can count on no-fluff articles offering relevant tips, and the training and animal behavior pieces are succinct and practical.”

The How of Bow Wow
- Excellent and very fun to watch DVD that covers all everything you need to know for basic obedience training and then some!
Camp R.E.W.A.R.D. for Aggressive Dogs, Pamela S. Dennison, available from Barkleigh Productions
Positive Solutions for Standard Behavioral Problems, Pamela S. Dennison, available from Barkleigh Productions
The Language of Dogs, Blue Dog Training and Behavior, LLC.

This site sells tapes with sounds for desensitizing your dog to the noises made by babies, firecrackers, thunderstorms, etc.
Preparing Dogs for Baby, Sound Sensitivity Tapes listing for a tape of baby sounds.